I struggle with my spine, this yoga class will not cure the problem but it helps me build strength around it.
The class is welcoming and has such a friendly atmosphere.
10/10 from me.

Darren W

“Been to LITTLE CROSBY YOGA on a number of occasions-Absolutely fabulous!!! Felt amazing after each session -I am only a beginner but caters for every level so you don’t feel inadequate – venue and tuition wonderful and relaxing and treated like you are important not just a number 😊 would highly recommend 😃!!!”

“Been to LITTLE CROSBY YOGA now a number of times- Wonderful relaxing venue -but havnt got a clue what he’s on about!!! But that extra hrs sleep makes you feel AMAZING afterwards 😆 On Wed is “Stretchy Flow” (Not at all what I thought-🤔(a 6,2 bendy woman from the inner cities -but Actually a type if session!!!- Dont fancy the ASHTANGA power yoga-sounds far toooooo much!!!! ) But Would highly recommend it cuz it gets you out the house and out if doing the dishes 😂!!!! Result 👍 worth every penny !!!!!priceless😃 😂😂😂😂😂”

Michelle B

“Little Crosby Yoga has grown in popularity during the past 6 months due to the tireless dedication of Instructor Dave Brown.
Dave is an inspiration to everyone who attends his classes.
His manner and presentation skills put everyone whether novice or experienced at ease, and at the conclusion of each session leaving you with a
sense of achievement and a feeling of better wellbeing.
Personally I am a male of maturing age and never been involved previously with Yoga, however since engaging in the classes with Dave at Little Crosby Yoga I have gained more freedom of movement with my body, I am more calm within my mind and I no longer require regular monthly visits to the Chiropractor.
Initially I was a little sceptical about Yoga, but the manner which it is delivered by Dave at Little Crosby Yoga is very beneficial and completely changed my outlook.
Keep Going Dave you’re a star.”

Gerry G

“Such a welcoming and supportive atmosphere, I always feel de-stressed and re-energised after a class.”

Michele P

“Absolutely loving (candle lit) Yin Yoga with Dave at Little Crosby Yoga. It’s such a gentle but energising way to unwind and reboot!
Coming to a variety of yoga practices with Dave has helped me to become more mindful. Its also made me aware of where I carry tension in my body and how I can let go of it too. Pretty much life changing stuff really!”

Barbera C

“Yoga clearly is Dave’s passion. He an Jo create such a wonderful, ambient, peaceful environment in which to practice…it’s hard to keep away!”

Tina C

“The candlelit Yin is so relaxing in a calm environment. After a stressful day. Its lovely to unwind. Love this class.”

Trish M


“Dave is a really approachable teacher who shares his knowledge well. His classes are suitable for all aspiring yogis! The classes are well structured and give a lovely balance of stretch, challenge and relaxation, I really enjoy them as it’s a rewarding hour away from a busy life.”

Ros S

“Having been to many yoga classes in my time this has been the most chilled, welcoming and supportive by far from the minute you walk in the door. It’s easy to be put off by classes that do over complicated moves, those where everyone seems to be super lithe and flexible except you and instructors not getting you may not be able to do a pose if, like me, you’ve many injuries to contend with. This isn’t like that at all- it may be just a village hall but it’s so relaxing in the candlelight, Dave focuses on you what you can do rather than competing with other people and he’s not afraid to admit the poses he finds tricky and why which is refreshing and relatable and he always finds an alternative you can do. Highly recommend these classes, you won’t find a friendly one – believe me I’ve tried and giggling when you find something difficult isn’t frowned upon either- a lovely little yoga community.”


The most idyllic shala I’ve practised in for ages! Soft candlelight and a crackling fire are the perfect backdrop for Dave’s excellent guidance. A variety of levels and options within each pose, Dave’s class is a creative and refreshing flow. His alignment tips are brilliant, and enthusiasm and passion positively contagious! I’d recommend Little Crosby Village Yoga to anyone, and will definitely be back next time I’m in Crosby.

Natalie L