“Such a welcoming and supportive atmosphere, I always feel de-stressed and re-energised after a class.”

Michele P

Little Crosby Village Yoga

A calm and peaceful place to relax, strengthen minds, bodies & spirits.

We are situated in the beautiful historic tranquil surroundings of Little Crosby Village. The Parish Village hall lends itself extremely well to this Ancient practice of Yoga, in the heart of some lovely natural countryside and peaceful surroundings, some of our members live in the Village itself which gives it a unique warm welcoming experience.

“Little Crosby Village is a small village in Merseyside, North West England. Despite being a suburb within 8 miles of  Liverpool it has retained its rural character by, for example, opting not to have street lights.” Wikipedia. The Village itself has existed on record for almost a Thousand years!!

We aim to bring Yoga to all walks of life young and old. Our passion is to give Yoga to everyone regardless of ability and class. It would be nice to help break the stereotypical image that people think about Yoga. We encourage our members to socialize before the beginning and at the end of a class, this is quite important in this day of age when most communication is done through a screen. We may not have the experience, glitz and glamour of the more established studios but our Village hall has a charming character and a lot of history, It’s unpretentious and honest. this is what we strive for in our practice and our lives. We take pride in offering Yoga to the people who may feel a little intimidated by going to a professional Yoga studio. With this said we can certainly be a solid start for anyone curious about Yoga and wanting to try out this ancient practice, and maybe we can spark that interest and give people the bug so that they can gain some confidence to explore other styles and sample other different studios!!. We have many future improvements planned and aim to bring structured and safe classes to people that have never done yoga before up to more advanced Yogi’s and Yogini’s that may want more of a challenge.

Little Crosby Yoga was never a vision, dream, nor was it ever an intention. It was born by chance, hard work and a series of events through the sheer determination and support of a community formed what is now Little Crosby Yoga! we are so proud and grateful to have decent, lovely like-minded people who see the benefits of Yoga.

LCV yoga is a Husband and Wife run venture were we put any profits back into the hall for the benefits of the people who take part in the classes – this enables quite a unique and rare opportunity to be able to give back in the Western world. This may change in the future as demand is starting to rise for our classes.



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